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Last tips (in common) finishing up…

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For all STREET LEVEL plans (A or S or M):
Please show the street curb.
You will need to turn the site model on for that?

Example here: (thanks Adam!(

(“Line” png)


We have some new Blocks that we are discovering:

1. BUTTTON block. Let’s you make the
“Click here to view a full PDF…” hyperlink button.
Try it out ! You can even change it’s color to black (yes!) and change the alignment to Center.

2. I’ve sent you (via email) a png called ‘Line’ to divide images, but you can also accomplish this with the SEPARATOR block if you want to learn another new trick (thanks Grayson!)
IF you do that instead, you can even control its color. Oh -and choose the WIDE option for the separator line.

3. SPACER is a last one. This one lets you insert some plain old white space – kind of like inserting a white image that just pushes things apart visually.
I think it’s really nice to finish the page with a nice big SPACER, so the WordPress flotsam get pushed down and out…


2 more good ‘blocks’ in WordPress:
– Column > we can use this to make columns of images (like in older AEWorldMap posts
– Layout > which lets you do 3 columns (maybe more) and change their width if needed.


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May 4, 2021 at 9:36 pm

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