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Running list of TIPS for final models

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(A/S/M) For all Revit ISOMETRICS – change the Scale to 1″:100
And Change view to SHADED (not consistent colors).
Detail Level: Fine (See image 1 below)

(A/S/M) For all Revit PLANS – use Scale of 1″=30′
Use Consistent Colors
Detail level: Fine
See examples 4, 5 and 6 below

(Architecture) green “carpet” at all outside spaces that can be occupied should be:
RGB 193 218 169
See post in AEStudioSoftware for step by step.

(Structure) Underbelly view:
Please use SHADED VIEW.
Be sure to rotate your view to be well UNDER the foundation to see the beams that tie the pier caps together.
ROTATE the view slightly clockwise to keep the columns from lining up vertically.
Turn on all structure and your Parking Structure.
See example 2 below specifically.
LAST (underbelly) – For this page, I suggest putting a Foundation Plan next to the underbelly. Cut this plan 3′ down from the top of Cap. See example 3 below.

For RHINO IMAGES: Print JPG files and print as High Quality (300 dpi).


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April 28, 2021 at 6:12 pm

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