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This Week: Sketching + Revit

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Architecture [A] team member
Begin planning the design of the building envelope. Walls and Windows. Use free-hand sketches to scale or sketch over a print-out of the Rhino model (Elevations or Axo’s). Things to think about: balconies (innies or outties?), form language, window types, glazing percentage, shading, climate, making Entrances grand and clear to visitors.

Climate [C] or [M] team member
Begin planning the design of the Mechanical Systems.
– Public Space AHU’s: decide on number and locations. Use Zones (discussion in class).
– Residence HVAC: This will be a repetitive, simple layout. Blue and red lines.
– Exhaust and Fresh Air (next week). This is a NEW topic, next level. Green and yellow lines.

Structure [S] team member
– You will make the Revit ‘base model’ for the group. Maarten will explain.
– Begin planning the design of the Structural Systems: size your slabs and columns.
– Design lateral design
– Design foundation

Beginning of week:
– Learn how to collaborate in Revit, test with your group, troubleshoot.

By end of week:
Before or on Friday, we hope everyone will be working in Revit at some level while finalizing sketches with GB (C/M) + (S) and MJ (A).


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March 29, 2021 at 4:57 pm

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