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Affordable mid-rise, high-rise examples

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From our speaker last week, Arlene Ellwood:
( Thank you Arlene ! )

…here’s a few interesting affordable mid/high rises as promised:

  • Avenue South Residences, ADDP Architects (Singapore) – housing units are prefabbed and then stacked together
  • Richardson Apartments, David Baker Architects (San Francisco) – similar programing to Community First Village but stacked into one building instead of 51 acres
  • Bosco Verticale, Stefano Boeri (Milan) – not sure how affordable this one ended up, but it’s still a favorite
  • Pedregulho, Alfonso Reidy (Rio de Janeiro) – another favorite for its public spaces and strong forms
  • Narkomfin Building, Ginzburg (Moscow) – a classic, although of course the split levels are tricky with accessibility
  • Lots of projects by MVRDV – not necessarily affordable but they usually have a strong community emphasis in their residential projects (Qianhai Cast is one that caught my eye on Instagram)

And not a high rise, but I do think Aravena’s “half a house” concept could have some interesting applications at the high-rise scale.
These are just some that are at the top of my head and I know I am probably forgetting some important ones. If you are really looking to dive deep I bet Martin Haettasch would be the person to ask – his housing case study knowledge is very extensive. I’m excited to see what your students come up with this semester!


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February 2, 2021 at 11:32 pm

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