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International City Research (Appendix)

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(For your semester project book Appendix)


Divide work in your group and prepare an 11×17 horizontal-format report for your Appendix.  Reminder:  use images, small font (Arial 10) and concise statements (no stories).

– Location  maps at 3 levels of zoom:  Globe, Country, immediate region.
– History of Region/Culture: Look for ideas about passive heating and cooling if available.

– Transportation analysis.  Try to find out or estimate % of population uses:  cars, bikes, bus, train, etc.

– Examples of high-rise residential and other high-rise in your city.

– List of possible good views from the city urban center.  Show on map. NORTH is UP please.
– Earthquake Risk (High, Med, Low, None)
– Soil Conditions (sand? rock? good soil?).  Estimate frost depth.
– Solar Altitude/Azimuth Analysis: provide Winter and Summer Solstice and Equinox numbers.  Also: find # sunny days per year or equivalent info.
Determine solar power potential (High / Med / Low)
– Annual Wind Patterns (Wind Rose) / Storm Risk / History of Storms / Max. wind speeds
– Annual Temperature Patterns and Humidity Percentages.
– Annual Rainfall Pattern and Quantity / Flooding Risk / History of Flooding
– Source(s) of Electricity?  Cost/KWH for local Energy (convert to USDollars if needed).

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January 30, 2021 at 8:19 pm

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