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Calendar for week 9

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This week (starting Mon 19 October):

Mon/Tues GB lecture: Structural lay-out and modeling tips

First 1/2 week:
– Sketch your structural plans, visit w/GB for structure questions.
– Watch Maarten’s Revit tutorials (quick-link here)
– Import your Rhino mass into Revit
– Build Revit architecture exterior walls and interior floors first.
(Recommended: build walls for elevators, firestairs and any major interior space divisions for reference).

Second 1/2 week:
– Model your structure in Rhino. Be sure to BUILD ALL CONCRETE ELEMENTS before you build any steel elements.
(note: Maarten will be available for Revit questions W,Th,F).

Deadlines / due-dates:
1. End-of-week
Plan your work to be finished with your Revit model by the end of the week. Produce a standard ViewA and View B and post on your Pin Up Space (NO context model in this view).
2. By Monday morning 26 October:
Turn in a one-page presentation with 2 images:
– ViewA image of your Rhino model in context model (neighboring buildings).
ViewA image of your Structural model in context model. Deposit into Prof. Brooks shared folder, for him to share with class (exhibit/celebration Mon/Tues beginning of class). Link to shared folder will be sent in Canvas email.

Next week:
Lateral structural systems. Lecture, sketching and modeling.


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October 19, 2020 at 4:01 pm

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