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Checklist for Rhino deadline

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Hi all. This goal for this week is to finish our basic Rhino model and create a simple, standardized presentation. Please see Maarten’s latest tutorial titled ‘Documentation in Rhino’ (link here)

Here’s a checklist of what I consider to be a complete 3D Rhino model:

– Final building masses.
– Show 1st-floor porches (one to protect main entry to your program, one large one to act as Park Lobby).
– Show any other porches (ie: covered area at rooftop Park, or any porches above 1st floor in your program).
– Show columns for your porches. Max span 30′, 40′, 60′ between columns, but less can be much better – 20′ between is great too…
– Minimum 2 firestairs that are shared between the rooftop Park and your building program.
– Cooling towers should be modeled as simple boxes in a dedicated fenced in enclosure (10′ fence) open to the sky.
– Differentiate between what is exterior wall and what is window. Perhaps shade or color the window areas subtly.
– Show Louvers on windows, appropriate to your climate.
– Add a 42″ tall railing (solid wall is fine) at all edges of rooftop park or above-ground porches to keep people from falling.
– Show your 3 park elevators going to the roof.
– Show your freight elevator going to the roof. good to have access to the cooling towers by the way…
– Show your program elevators (likely 3 minimum, different group of elevators than the park elevators!). These will show up in your 1st floor PLAN>

1st Floor Plan Diagram
Show and LABEL (10pt. Arial font):
– Porches
– Lobby to your program
– Elevators (including freight elevator)
– Fire Stairs
– Loading / Trash
– A note if needed for anything special going on in a courtyard, entry garden, etc. (reflecting pool? forest? plaza? cafe seating?)
– Any special note for a space on 1st floor not mentioned yet.


Written by Gregory Brooks

October 7, 2020 at 1:54 am

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