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What to turn in: High-rise Project

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Hello high-rise teams.

High-rise project book (one group pdf ) due on Last Day of Class Friday 8 May.

During this suddenly online version of our design studio, we still need to turn in a finished product.  Especially for your portfolio.   I would like to clarify expectations for what you turn in for your High-rise Project:

Pin Up Space (ongoing, do not delete the file)
Thank you for the uploaded images that you have been posting weekly in your group’s online Pin Up Space.  Please continue updating / adding every week until the end of the project, and keep this online file (do not delete) so that we can access this in the future.  Link to it in your portfolio as well.  I will use these Pin Up Spaces as teaching tools for future studios.

High-rise project book (one group pdf ) due on Last Day of Class Friday 8 May.

High-rise Book (due end of this semester, last day of class as a single pdf file)
As you are all in groups of 3 (and a few groups of 2), please be sure that the following things are clear to any new viewer of your book:  (this is a list of goals, not a table of contents).
A.  What is the overall solution in the city context (show your building in the city model that Maarten provided).
Inspire us with a few nice views, minimal text, and some kind of diagrams to understand program and organization of the solution.
B.  Clearly differentiate between you High-rise design and the ‘Other’ program items.
The high-rise elements should be communicated with an obviously higher level of detail.
The ‘Other’ program elements should remain simple masses, and maybe have a slightly different (subtle) color change to be seen as a group.
C. This is an integrated design project at a preliminary design level.  Most important to being an ArchE project, your group must explain the A, S, M solutions that you devised for your Architectural (bldg. climate-envelope design, %glass, shading, etc.), Mechanical (large component locations and simple duct diagrams for supply, return, fresh-air, exhaust), and Structural systems (gravity and lateral).

High-rise project book (one group pdf ) due on Last Day of Class Friday 8 May.

PDF BOOK (High-rise Project)
What drawings should you turn in as a group
?  You decide.
Just remember to choose drawings that communicate as clearly and concisely as possible.
Remember to put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never seen this project and be sure that the book can simply&clearly present all that you need without you being there.
Use Arial 10 pt. font for everything.  Let the images speak.  The text is there to back up ideas, fill in small details.  11×17 horizontal is our required book format (fit’s computer screens nicely).

I will email everyone a link to a Google Folder to turn in your group’s pdf book.

High-rise project book (one group pdf ) due on Last Day of Class Friday 8 May.

See example here from a previous year.  Do NOT use this as a goal…it is from a previuos year when we were not trying to function during an international health-crisis.
Please look at it to understand the logic of how certain drawings and text communicate well:

(click image to view example PDF BOOK BELOW from a previous year – this is not what we are expecting, but might give you ideas)


Contact me with questions please.







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