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Pavilion Project – Tips (updated daily)

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Please check back daily for any tips that we come up with as we progress thru the Rhino / 3D-printing Pavilion project.


  1. ( I get this wrong all the time ! ) Pavilion is spelled with 1 “L”.  NOT pavillion.
  2.   No, you cannot put trash/recycle/compost dumpster next to Barton Springs Rd.  The service trucks will need to pull into the siteNotes from 12 Feb:
  3. Plan on food TRAILERS.  not food trucks.  Food trailers that offer a medium sized menu are typically 8.5′ wide and 24′ to 32′ long.  Please plan on at 24′ trailers or bigger.  Food trailers with more production can be up to 53′ long.   See link to plans for food trailers here.
  4. How does a dumpster get emptied ?   Check out this video
  5. Reminder:  You can never build a building or wall right next to the road.  There are always utilities underground next to the road.  In this case, we are assuming a 30′ setback to any walls, buildings.
  6. Get your vehicular access to work.  All else will follow easily.
  7.  Toilet diagram sizes:  5×8 standard, 8×8 accessible (1 min. per gender group if applicable).
  8. Sinks !  don’t forget a generous sink space.
  9. 3D printing tip:  you may need to exaggerate your column sizes or wall/roof thickness to be stable as a small model.  IE:  columns may need to print as 2’x2′ min. to not snap off the model…
  10. ArchE Design – Remember that you are ArchE students – not Sci-Fi sketching artists.  We expect all projects to be stable from a gravity and LATERAL standpoint, and be thermally comfortable, and properly sheltered from the blazing Texas sun.
  11.  (25Feb)  Lateral stability:  A porch/pavilion with no walls does not suffer from as much wind force as a building with walls (kites).  The pavilion suffers more from uplift when the wind whips under/over it.  Be sure to brace it or use shear walls, cores, etc.



Written by Gregory Brooks

February 10, 2020 at 8:12 pm

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