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Bench Project – Tips (updated daily)

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Please check back daily for any tips that we come up with as we progress thru the Rhino Bench project.


  1.  Backrests are not required.
  2. The bench must be continuous via it’s seat and/or backrest.
  3. Grading will include whether or not you explored at least 3 radically different form options for your project (3 equally amazing ideas, not 1 good one and 3 bad ones).
  4. When choosing a site:  Try NOT to choose a complex site (sloped walk, steep hill).  Best if you can figure choose a flat area, or show how you can easily create a flat area.
  5. (23Jan) Keep all tracing paper sketch sizes 11×17.   When you scan / print it’s easy to fit to 8.5 x 11 format later.
  6. (23Jan) this is a bench for only 5 people.  IF you don’t need the full 16′ maximum length, feel free to make your bench shorter than 16′
  7.  (23Jan) Two people have asked me if there is a set DEPTH for the bench.  The answer is No – but the depth must be reasonable.  Typical minimum depth for a bench that people are not reclined on, is 18″.  Think about human ERGONOMICS.  Do all of the seats need to be at the same angle?  If the seat is in a reclining position, be sure you can get in and out without climbing on your bench-neighbor or doing some amazing and awkward sit-up.
  8.  (23Jan) Once you have been introduced to Rhino, feel free to either:
    A. Try to model what you have sketched
    B.  See what happens when you sculpt in Rhino (play!)
  9.  (23Jan) The main goal of this project is to get introduced to Rhino.

Written by Gregory Brooks

January 22, 2020 at 7:49 pm

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