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READ ME – What’s due: end-of-semester, ARE320K, Intro to Design 1

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Due Monday 9 December, by 5:00pm:

  1. Plotted Exploded View (17″w x 30 to 40″ tall as needed).  Deposit in 3.106.*
  2. Plotted Compressed View.  Deposit in 3.106.*
  3. One (1) PDF file of CAD drawings with cover.  See list below.*  This will include an Appendix of sketches (greatest hits) from this semester in chronological order.
  4.  Digital PDF files of your Exploded View and Compressed View.
  5. Originals of all of your sketches – clipped-together with binding clips that I will provide.

* USE THE SAME GoogleDrive folder to turn in your 2 pdf files (same folder that you used to turn in your status images before Thanksgiving), and we will wait to mount your final plots on foam-core.  This will happen upon your return in January (first day of class).

Revit book (11″h x 17″w horizontal format)

No need to print.   No “title-block” – use template that Maarten has provided.
Font note:   Use equivalent of Arial 10pt. for all fonts.

  • Cover, similar to image at bottom of this post, with small version of your exploded view.   (Maarten will provide a template for your use).
  • Architectural View A (use latest site model from Maarten)
  • Architectural View B (use latest site model from Maarten)
  • Site Plan (use latest plan from Maarten)
  • Architectural Floor Plans (include basement plan with dashed line showing outline of 1st floor above).    Basement, Ground Floor, 2nd Floor, etc..  Visibility: show all structure and mechanical elements in full tone, (columns, machines should show up).
  • Underbelly view to show foundation.
  • Structural plans.  Please use note “Open” at holes in structure for fire-stairs and elevators.  Please have the Architectural elements grayed out, still visible.  Please include Structural View A and Structural View B.
  • Mechanical plans. Please have Architectural elements grayed out, still visible.  Remember to put in walls around your mechanical rooms.  Please include Mechanical View A and Mechanical View B.
  • Appendix of sketches.  Please include your best semester sketches (greatest hits), in our typical 11×17 format.  I suggest also including the results of your ENERGY analysis (3 radicals) as well.







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