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Sefaira available in studio computers

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Recommended by Dr. Dru Crawley, we are trying out Sefaira  in the lab.
Feel free to take it for a test-drive !
For early design stage (building design)

Energy    Daylighting    Thermal Comfort   HVAC Sizing

With the help of our LRC tech team (Thanks Erick!) we have this up and running.
This is a plug-in for SketchUp and for Revit.


You will FIRST need a user ID from
See link here

Sefaira via REVIT:
To use Sefaira in Revit, just find it under Add-Ins on the toolbar

Sefaira via Sketchup:
-If Extension Manager doesn’t run at start, find it under Window on the tool bar
-Within Extension Manager, select the Trimble Connect option, then “Install Extension” button at the bottom
-In the Open window that appears, type in “public” in the field at the top, it should show “Public Documents”.  Select that
-Double click “Sefaira for Sketchup” in the Public Documents
-In the main Sketchup window, you can get to Sefaira from Extensions on the menu bar
See screenshots for SketchUp use here


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April 25, 2019 at 3:04 pm

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