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This week: High-rise project Status Check.

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STATUS CHECK / EXHIBIT (Monday / Tuesday):
We are beginning the week with a Status Check / Exhibit of work for all students.

Plan to exhibit all of your sketches and any other work for your high-rise project in a 17″ wide column of space on our large studio tables at the beginning of class (Mon, Tues).

I will place name tags on the tables for you.  Please find your name and place your work there.  

If you have not already done this, please produce a written set of design goals / bullet points that define how your are creating a building that is a vertical neighborhood for the 21st century  (ie: how is this better than a standard high-rise block of apartments?).


Getting ready for Thanksgiving Break:
I find that I get many great ideas for my creative work when I am on break.  I suggest that you prepare a set of print-out as a TO-GO KIT for yourself, so that you can sketch ideas to scale over the break.

Adjust your calendar of work for the project?
If you find that you are not on schedule with your calendar that you turned in, please submit a NEW calendar if you need to (don’t forget your Name and MWF or TTh on it).


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November 19, 2018 at 4:34 am

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