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First principles project / Exploded view notes

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DUE at beginning of first class day next week:
1.  Exploded view.
2.  First Principles summary (8.5×11 package?) 
See calendar for list of 1stP’s.
Feature your energy results
Show research about your climate/location
Show sketches
etc.. (all up to you on this one).

Exploded view tips:
We have discovered what may be a best option for the exploded view for this particular project.  Note the ORDER OF ELEMENTS.
(Realist View settings, exported as a LOSSLESS jpg. file for highest resolution – image from JustinG. )
(please either add more trees -or- have no trees)

Information / model order for exploded view (top to bottom)

(1st Revit view portal on sheet):
– Architecture without roof
– Mech.
– Structural
– Foundation
(1st Revit view portal on sheet):
– Composite view of all elements AND site.

Be sure to choose an angle for your model view that is very close to a 30/60 plan oblique !   Many of the initial student drafts were not high enough above the model…
See posted notes from me and from Cade on the wood studio door.


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November 2, 2018 at 8:55 pm

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