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AEWorldMap – research instructions

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Instructions for AEWorldMap research:

You have a total of 3 posts to research:
– One contemporary building of your choice*
– Two 20th-century buildings (from book pages).

Do not publish your posts until the day of your presentation.
(see presentation schedule posted on wood door, 3.106A)

As you work on your posts, save as a DRAFT (you can Preview to see what it looks like).
DO NOT PUBLISH until the day of your presentation.

* Notes regarding the contemporary building of your choice:
– A new building (21st century) that is either built or currently under construction.
– NO HOUSES please – multiple family buildings (apartments, etc) are ok.
– This semester, we are using the ArchDaily website to initially explore recent buildings around the world.  Please choose a building that you find inspiring.
– Once you have found a building, make sure that it does not already exist as a post on AEWorldMap.  Search by building name, then by architect or city to be certain…duplicate entries do not receive credit. – However – If a building does have an entry that is old, and thin in content, you may talk to me about updating it.
– Once you have checked AEWorldMap (above), then reserve this building for yourself on the shared spreadsheet

Notes regarding possible duplicate entries for older 20th-c. buildings:
Check to see if your 20th c. buildings already have a post on AEWMap – if so, contact me, and I will delete this entry, and you will need to add a small credit to the original author at the bottom of your post:  “Original AEWM entry by __________.”


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