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Spring 2018 – Projects, % Course Grade

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2018 ARE320L Intro to Design 2 students:
We ended up making adjustments to the Spring Course mid-stream this year, mainly due to our excitement about engaging the new EER Makerstudio 3D-printing lab and the shift to a non-Revit high-rise project.

Below is the adjusted list of graded activities and % weights, which are reflected in the grades in the UT Canvas sytem.


Attendance 10%
In-class productivity / group participation 15%
Train station MEP 5%

Train station renderings (VisCom) 25%
3D-print sample and experiments 5%
High-rise Preliminary Design: 5%

High-rise Sketches and 3D-printed model: 25%
Student CV, Web-portfolio and Sketch-portfolio: 10%



Written by Gregory Brooks

May 9, 2018 at 8:26 pm

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