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High-Rise project – congratulations + Last items.

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What an effort by both studios –
Thank you everyone, and if there are still things finishing up, hang in there and keep the momentum going !

Next 1-1/2 weeks:
The Student Show (really a celebration and networking event for you) is just around the corner.   Friday April 27th (see SaveTheDate email sent last week).  I think our time will be best spent as follows:

This coming W,Th: 
We are taking a break for 3 hours to expose you to the basics of Parametric Design (hands-on).  Our friends at HDR-Dallas and Cade have prepared an in-class tutorial for you.  Cade will be running this Wednesday and Thursday.  Please arrive in class on-time.

I will also be showing you how to scan/dress-up a sketch in PhotoShop (10min. demo Th, Fri)

Friday Noon Lecture:
Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 11.11.12 PM
David Horos is flying down from SOM Chicago
to visit with us in studio (Friday Noon Lecture Series) – he will give a lecture to you about high-rise design.  Please arrive on-time or early Friday.  David is a Director in the Structural Engineering group at SOM and UT CAEE alum.

Over-the-weekend and next week M,T,W,Th: 
Let’s keep it easy next week as we prepare for the show:  I think we should:
1.  Gather sketches from all of your projects, scan the best ones.
2.  Assemble a concise summary of your group high-rise project (one per group).  This would be a stapled set of scanned/printed sketches/text to describe your high-rise project to Student Show visitors.
3. Mount your train-station renderings to foam-core.

New thought:
I would like to photograph you in your high-rise groups, standing with your model.  We will use these for the Student Show at your exhibit locations, to identify which high-rise you were responsible for.   More about that soon –

Thanks again for all of the great work this semester! – especially for the extra effort that is going into this 3d-printed high-rise experiment!




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April 18, 2018 at 4:18 am

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