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Final Presentation PDF for Train Station project (Fall 2017)

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For all students:
DUE Monday 11 December, no later than 5:00pm:
PDF file: drawings of your Train Station design.
(all black&white, hidden line drawings)

Goal of this Drawing Set:
For grading, I need to see your Architectural walls/windows/stairs/elev./escalators/ + your Structural gravity and lateral design.
This set will also be part of your digital portfolio at the end of the year.


Nest all drawings into ONE pdf file and deposit into shared GoogleDrive (see email).
(Example Filename = Harshman.Matt.Trainstation.pdf).
– ALL drawings must be HIDDEN-LINE with FINE level of detail.
– For all 3D-views:  choose the best NON_PERSPECTIVE oblique angle that is close to a traditional plan-oblique, but best reveals the details of the drawing content.


Architecture Portion of Set
These 3 Architectural views should include 3 models:
– Architecture model. (walls, windows, floors, roof, elevators, escalators, stairs, louvers)
– Structural model. (gravity and lateral)
– Most recent Site Model. (the one with small buildings across 5th Street & with your drop-off/pick-up shown)

A1. Architectural ViewA.
A2. Architectural ViewB.
A3. Architectural Site Plan. (cut this plan above the roof)
A4. First Floor Architectural Plan – Office and Great Hall.
A5. Building Section 1.
A6. Building Section 2. (not req’d if office is above Great Hall)

Structure Portion of Set
These Structural views should include only the Structural model (no Architecture or Site model).

S1. ViewA
S2. ViewB
S3. Foundation View. (“underbelly”)
S4. Basement Structural plan.
S5. First Floor Structural Framing Plan.
S6. Second Floor Structural Framing Plan.
S7. Third Floor Structural Framing Plan. (not req’d if 3rd floor of Office is identical to 2nd)
S8. Roof Structural Framing Plan.


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December 1, 2017 at 5:34 pm

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