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Climate Consultant (for High-Rise project)

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A great find from Reese Hatridge (thanks Reese!), and for high-rise Mech/Energy team members, a top-priority to explore.


Note from ReeseH:

“I found a really useful program for the HVAC students to analyze their city’s climate and evaluate different design strategies. It would really if they spent 30-60 minutes downloading the program and following the steps below, preferably before I talk with them again.

Climate Consultant is a useful program for studying annual weather data and evaluating design strategies for your city.
Download here:
– Create a new project, using the small non-residential building type, and downloading a new EPW file.
– Follow the steps to install the weather file for your corresponding city. (Use a TMY3 weather file for US cities if available.) Copy the link for the EPW format and paste it into the program.
– At the Comfort Models screen, select ASHRAE Standard 55.
– Continue clicking Next, reviewing the charts of the local climate. They won’t all be useful, but note any items which seem important to consider in your design.
– After several screens, you’ll see an interactive psychrometric chart. Test different design strategies to see which ones are most effective, and under what conditions. (This tool is far from perfect, but it is useful.  Research any strategies that you plan to implement, so that you can explain when and why they would be effective, what is required, and any potential downfalls or limitations. Start with the descriptions in the Climate Consultant Help section, and note that some strategies conflict with others.) Save an image of this psychrometric chart, to discuss during your design review.

– The next screen will provide you with a list of design strategies that may help to reduce HVAC energy consumption. Vet them to see which make sense and are in harmony with the design strategies you selected. Share the list with your team’s architect and work to incorporate these strategies.”


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February 16, 2017 at 3:30 pm

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