Architectural Engineering program, The University of Texas at Austin

Steps to edit images in photoshop and print

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Please follow these steps to size and print your images on the plotter appropriately:

  1. Open the image (JPEG or PNG) in photoshop
  2. Crop the images to minimize any unwanted white space
  3. Copy the image (Hit CTRL+C)
  4. Open a new file in photoshop
  5. Paste the image (CTRL+V)
  6. Click on Image -> Adjust -> Saturation (NOT Hue…) ->  Decrease by 20%
  7. Click on Image -> Adjust -> Color Balance ->  Increase Green by 25% and Increase Blue by 15%
  8. Click on Image -> Image Size-> Change width to 17″ (other dimension will change proportionately) ->  Change Resolution to 150 DPI
  9. Print -> Change Printer to “Big Poster Only” -> Print Settings -> Page Setup -> Page Size -> Custom Paper Size -> Put the dimensions of the sheet you have
  10. Print it


Written by Tarek El-Afifi

February 1, 2017 at 8:41 pm

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