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Importing Austin Background Sketchup Model onto your Revit file

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The sketchup file can be downloaded on canvas. A few instructions for importing the site model:

1. Insert > Import CAD > in the file type drop town choose ‘sketchup files’

2. View > Visibility/Graphics > Imported Categories Tab > Hit the context model drop down > uncheck ‘Building’ and ‘Site” > Click ok

3. Manage > Materials >

Rename ‘ Rendered Material 67 – 60 – 62’ to ‘Street’ and change appearance RGB color to 128 128 128

Rename ‘ Rendered Material 209 – 229 – 255’ to ‘Water’ and change appearance RGB color to 135 175 191

Rename ‘ Rendered Material 220 – 232 – 226’ to ‘Buildings/Ground’ and change appearance RGB color to 233 233 233

4. Drag the sketchup model to your model and position it correctly. Attempting to do this the other way around will be much slower due to the file size and number of components in your current revit model

5. Draw a floor or slab around the boundary of the site and give it the proper thickness to match the rest of the street curbs in the site model ( 12″ seems to work nicely). This floor/slab should include cutouts for any parking lots/driveways,roads you have going through your site.



Written by Tarek El-Afifi

January 30, 2017 at 7:39 pm

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