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Facade Competition

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confrmwallext  confrmwallext5
(hypothetical solution – ref image: AKA)

Design a facade for the interior of ArchE conf. room, to provide semi-privacy and exhibit principles of solar facade design.


Week 1:  Teams develop their designs + one 24 x 36 presentation page (+any models).

………….Friday 7 Sept:  12-12:45  JUDGING of team designs.

Week 2:  Group construction of winning design scheme.

………….Friday 14 Sept:  11:40 – 11:50  INSTALLATION

Grading Criteria:

– Compelling form.
– Interesting play of light/shadow.
– Appropriate scale / size of elements.
– Mitigates need for semi-privacy in conf. room.
– Fills the 4 large panels of glass separating conf. room from lobby.

– Divisible by 33 students (mass-produced system).
– Needs to take about 9+ hours for each student to build their part(s).
– 18″ maximum depth from window.
– Structurally sound + durable.
– Affordable.


The facade that is produced may be best thought of as a model/mock-up, rather than an true exterior grade facade.

Materials that are easily connected without power tools may be easier for individual students to assemble (glued/drilled/bolted/zip-tied,etc).

Possible materials include (but are not limited to):
– Inexpensive ready-made products.
– Foam core.
– Heavy paper.
– Vellum (transluscent paper).
– Sheet plastic.

Please try to avoid painting materials, instead use materials that come in white or pre-finished.


Written by Gregory Brooks

October 3, 2016 at 5:04 pm

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