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Due next week: 3 radicals (see list)

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Massing View A (new) FullSizeRender (1)

MWF:  Due Monday 12noon Feb 22
TTh:  Due Tuesday 12:30 Feb 23

Exhibit on display in 5.406 by each group, including:

1.  Colored*, simple-volume massing models for 3 (three) radically different high-rise schemes, in the site-context model**.   Show typical ViewA + ViewB axonometrics for each radical + North arrow.
All schemes must be equally developed and each scheme must be equally well-planned for it’s city in terms of Open-Space and Stability.   Avoid developing one favorite.
(2 images per scheme x 3 schemes = 6 images total).  NO firestairs or elevator masses needed yet.
LABEL EACH SCHEME BY NUMBER (example:  Scheme 1, Scheme 2, Scheme 3).

2. Energy results to compare energy use for each scheme (print out energy-info only in the Revit report for each).  Use building envelope guidelines from ‘Building to Suit the Climate’ by P.Liedl (provided to you by GB).

3A.  City-wide map image with your location indicated + North arrow.
3B.  Aerial view of your city (photo) showing general area that your site is in to see heights of nearby buildings + North arrow.
3C.  Aerial view of your modified site-context model** + North arrow.

 *Colors used in massing models must be consistent with those provided in class
(see example above).

**The site-context model is the SketchUp model provided to you.  Modify as needed to approximate the character of the buildings around you.  Import into Revit if you are massing in Revit.

Your classmates will individually review each groups presentation, and choose their favorites.  The scheme that your group moves forward with will be decided by this popular-vote method.






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