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Exploded axonometric – early example

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To all Design 2 students:
Below are 2 examples of what your mass-transit exploded axonometric images might look like.  (thanks Tarek!)

One view is ‘Realistic’ the other rendered.  I prefer the rendered, but we are trying to figure out why the mechanical model disappeared in this version (MHammontree will chase this down we hope).

Note:  please note that the minimum distance between the exploded groups is a consistent dimension.  Try to do the same with your images.

This example is not perfect yet 🙂 – it’s in progress.  One place to improve will be to show the bus drop off and parking, and any other site elements which you will have in your site model.  PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE TREES, CARS, PEOPLE (entourage) in the exploded axonometric image.

More soon.

Axonometri - Realistic  Axonometric - Rendered




Written by Gregory Brooks

February 5, 2016 at 12:43 am

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