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NEW ArchE Studio – Competition for the best 3D image

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Detail Plan – pdf image:
Screen shot 2015-04-13 at 9.12.32 PM

Click HERE to download a ZIP file with .dwg and larger plan pdf.

We are excited to see what you produce!
The CAEE department has at least one $250 gift card that will sweeten the effort for the person with the best image!

ADDITIONALLY, you will become immortal, having helped secure interest from the donors that will be funding this great new space for the ArchE students –
Thank you!!!


– Glass room off elevator lobby is to be a new ‘Collaboration Space’ – a room with glass display cases on walls similar to what we have in 5th floor corridor now, with a nice table and chairs, and a hi-def display centered on the room across from the glass wall, visible from the elevator lobby.  The screen will be mounted on the pilaster/column btw.

The Room behind the elevators will be the ‘Daylight Lab’ – with the same tables that we have now, but refurbished like new.  Assuming that you will model one of these tables, please lay them out in the room as you like – probably similar to how we work now.  Podium will be centered on the window wall in this room with a large screen coming down from ceiling in center of same window wall.

Room to the right of the daylight lab is the CAD lab.  Similar to what we have now.  desks and chairs will be laid out to all address the windows – you will face both your screen and the windows at the same time.  Again. podium will be centered on the window wall in this room with a large screen coming down from ceiling in center of same window wall.  The 2 small rooms will be combined into one room (no center wall) to contain books, models, materials, laser-cutter, etc…a resource room.

Ceilings will be clean and bright, finishes and lights similar to renovated corridors and room on the 1st floor,   If you can just make it a white ceiling with a 2×2 grid in it that would suffice for now.  Floors will be very light gray or light tan, walls white.  Where we have solid walls, we may get big pin-up panels similar to what we have now in 5.406, but nicer.

ENTOURAGE will sell this image – If you can find any computer stations, and lots of people to put in, (students?) this will make it look alive and popular :).  YOU DECIDE WHAT VIEWS WILL BE MOST COMPELLING – feel free to improvise a bit with furniture, lighting, images on walls? etc.

noClg 2   landscape-studio 2    2014 Best of CET Designer Rendering Category First Place - Isela Cadena - Papsa 3




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April 14, 2015 at 2:23 am

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