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NEWS-FLASH: Scale change for plans + NEW deadlines for REVIT book

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To all,

1.  IMPORTANT: Plan scale change:
Site plan still okay at 1″=50′ but,
NEW:  All floor plans to be 1″=40′.  All basic notes on drawings to be 1/32″ (barely legible). Presentation notes and room tags can be slightly larger if needed.
2. NEW DEADLINES:  I have decided to SPLIT the deadline for your final Revit High-Rise Project.   This is to allow you the coming weekend for printing a full set, checking the set as a group, and fixing any final edits.

individually Graded screen-check with each student to see that all sheets are set up with views to scale and notes/tag sizes correct.
NOTE: The models do not need to be complete for this.  Only the sheets + notes/tag sizes.
CAUTION: Work with your team to see who is responsible for the Cover Sheet and Index !
This screen-check will be worth 10% of your individual project grade.

Grades for screen-check with GB:
(MWF: screen-check by 3pm this Friday…..T,Th screen-check by 4pm this Thursday)
A grade = all sheets are created, views are at correct scale, fonts/tags at correct size.
B grade = All sheets are created but, but only mostly complete in terms of scale, fonts/tag sizes.
C grade = Missing pages and scale, font/tag sizing incorrect.
D grade = nothing to show.

Your Final Revit Book needs to have all drawings produced by the team, stapled, ready for grading by:
MWF studio – Monday April 13, at 12:00noon.
TTh studio – Tuesday April 14, at 12:30pm.
For the Final Revit Book:  5 minutes late = late.
If you are late, your individual project grade goes down 1/2 grade for every 24 hours, starting 5 minutes after beginning of class on deadline.

Next week we begin our Specialization Project.  Be in class Friday 12-12:45 to sign up for your Specialization.


Written by Gregory Brooks

April 6, 2015 at 8:55 pm

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