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REVIT Underlay for all Floor Plans (Arch, Str, MEP)

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To all,
As you lay out all of your PLAN sheets at 1″ = 40‘ (updated 6April-GB), you will notice that as you get into the tower, there is very little of the sheet used.   To address this, and to provide context to ALL of your plans, please provide a common underlay of information, as seen in this example.


OVERLAY is a 2D file of site information (from the dxf provided to you) should include:
1.  Street edges with bridges.
2.  Street names.
3.  North arrow.
4.  Top view of your project, including (at end of project?) site information for entire site (park design?).
5.  Optional:  graphic scale.


(Thank you to Justin Nevill for supplying this step-by-step tutorial).

To add context to any view:
1) Create a new level, high above the project (1000ft elevation in the example), change the name of the level to something appropriate (“Context” in the example)
2) Go to level one, select the imported cad drawing, and use Ctrl+C to Copy
3) Use: Modify->Paste->Aligned to Selected Levels to copy the drawing to the new level (“Context”)
4) Open any plan view that you wish to add the contextual level to (or activate view on sheet)
5) In the Properties Palette, set the underlay to “Context”
6) In the properties palette, select Edit… for Visibility/Graphics Overrides
7) Switch to the Imported Categories tab, expand the attached drawing, and turn off all layers other than BRIDGE, RIVER, and ROAD.
8) Select Override… under Lines to change the color of a layer (the sample uses RGB 128-128-128 for ROAD and BRIDGE)

Inline image 4

9) Set the scale to 1″=50′
10) Adjust all other view settings as needed (visibility of massing and other elements)
11) With the edited view still open, use View->Graphics->View Templates->Create Template From Current View to save view settings as a template for other view – name the template “Brooks”

12) For all other views, just set the underlay to “Context” and use the Properties Palette to apply the template “Brooks”


Written by Gregory Brooks

March 31, 2015 at 6:45 pm

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