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High-Rise Program

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Spring 2015 High-Rise Program
(check back for updates as we proceed)


Maximum height within view corridor is 63′.
(Each project group is to decide if they are respecting the Capitol View Corridor, or not).

SHOAL CREEK first floor height:
plan on it flooding to elevation 465 or 466….set all ground floors to 466.

You must show how you are addressing energy issues or energy + sustainability strategies. Photovoltaic solutions are required.

1. Residential units in tower. Tower to be 420 to ceiling of top unit.
10′ ceiling low, 12′ ceiling good, 14′ luxury. Flat plate or flat slab structure.
MINIMUM 50% OF TOWER to be residential.
rental or condos
high end or affordable
(your choices)
1 or 2 bedroom.
Provide minimum of 2 fire stairs 10’x24′ min. size, 150′ apart is best, 200′ is possible if needed.
Electric Elevators: provide 2 passenger elevators dedicated to residences, from a LOBBY. Also provide 1 freight elevator, 2xbigger than passenger elevator. Machine room at top.

2. Office space
12′ ceiling low, 15′ ceiling good. 3′ mech. + structure.
Maximum 50% of tower, min. 10% of tower plus any sf in 2nd 3rd floors.
Provide dedicated firestairs and elevators and dedicated office LOBBY.

3. Retail:
Ground floor. 6th street most appropriate. 5th street optional. Bowie optional. 2nd floor retail is not highly recommended, but small amount is okay.
Downtown examples for this on 2nd street at W hotel and Amli2.
12′ ceiling low. 15′ ceiling good for med. size spaces. higher for large retail like Target, etc.
Multi-story is best if department store or large specialy, sim to Urban Outfitters, REI, JCPenney’s etc.
Elevators and firestairs needed if anything above ground level.

4. Parking:
Floor to floor: 10′-0″
1 space per bedroom.
1 space per every 275sf of retail or office. More for restaurants normally, but use 1/275 for preliminary design.
5. Services Yard
include min. 80′ deep covered or uncovered for semi-truck delivery and trash dumpsters etc. Min. 40′ wide?
ENTER off 6th. EXIT off 5th. Entry and exit needs to be 35′ wide minimum.
Please avoid Bowie for entry/exit as is already stressed with WholeFoods entry/exit.
Provide natural ventilation wells for any parking below ground.
Maximum 2 stories underground.
IF you show a highly developed bicycle-parking / accessibility / and other LEED strategies / energy strategies, you may reduce your retail/office ratio to 1space/600sf.
Parking ventilation notes (added 3/16/2014):
– Uniform opngs, 2 or
more sides.
– Openings on opp. sides are
preferred for cross ventillation.
– Min. 20% of total perim.
wall area / floor must
be open.
– Total length of openings
on ea. floor must be 40%
of total perimeter of that floor.
– Floors with less than req’d ventillation
require mechanical ventillation.

6. Open space on site: you must maintain a minimum of 30,000sf open space for walking dogs, etc. (maybe keep 15′ space along the creek?).

7. Please remember that you are building a neighborhood! Provide amenities for a neighborhood…Park, pool, playground for children or suggest that residents move out if they get pregnant.

🙂 have fun. Be ambitious. Look at great examples in the world.

Written by Gregory Brooks

February 16, 2015 at 6:27 pm

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