Architectural Engineering program, The University of Texas at Austin

Due Next MON / TUES: VisComm renderings / images.

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Project:  Visual Communications

The purpose of this assignment is to develop skills at visually communicating a project in a professional manner, expressing the integrated nature of the student’s project (architecture / structure / mechanical systems).

DUE:  Package of renderings / images.
Monday studio:  Due Mon Feb 2, 12:00pm – Maximum 4 images mounted on foam-core.
Tuesday studio: Due Tue Feb 3, 12:30pm – Maximum 4 images mounted on foam-core.
LIMITED SUPPLIES:  Any additional images (beyond 4) may be printed, but please do not mount on dept. supplied foam core yet due to limited supplies.

(highest possible grade for minimum package: A-):

1. One well-developed high-resolution rendering of best exterior pedestrian-eye-level view of your office building design project>
Include entourage:  trees, people, cars, etc.
Turn on all elements:  Arch / Str / Mech.

2.  One well-developed high-resolution rendering of long section thru most interesting spaces in your project.
Include entourage:  people in building, architectural elements as needed (stairs? elev?), trees beyond outside, etc.
Turn on all elements:  Arch / Str / Mech.

3.  One exploded view.  Elements that can be expressed in this view:  site > foundation > primary structure > secondary structure > HVAC > Architecture

Hand-write your name and the term Spring2015 on the back of your boards and any extra loose images.

In order to get a higher grade than an A- students must turn in one additional rendering that visually explains the project in a way that renderings #1 and #2 can not.

Grades are based on both quantity and quality of images.
Points may be deducted for sloppy work / poor quality of printed final image and quality of the foam-core cutting/mounting process.  Highest possible grade for minimum package (#1,2,3 above): A-


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January 28, 2015 at 3:57 pm

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