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Complex Facade Design Project

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Complex Facade Design Project
Concepts: 3d tessellation, folding, full-scale construction, group coordination, 3d complexity.
(origami on steroids)


Week 1:  Design
– Mon, Tues, Wed small group design charette.
– Wednesday dinner/competition voting from 6:00pm to 7:00pm (pizza, drinks served).
– Thurs, Fri individual design development of 3 panels each. coordinate with adjacent designers.

Week 2: 2D Templates + Construction (full-scale)
– Mon, Tues, Wed: Create 2d templates.
– Wed and Thurs: Construction of 3d forms at desk.

Week 3: Construction, Installation (full-scale)
– Mon, Tues, Wed: construction at desk, testing, installation.
– Wed and Thurs: Installation.

Images below:
– Existing ceiling in design studio.
– Winning massing scheme by Jeremy W. + support from Kelley, Emma, Caitlyn.
– Example of complex geometry fold-out in SketchUp.

5406 Massing OrigamiPicture 6

Picture 7

Google SketchUp Video Tutorials:
Suggest Parts 1-3, which walks through basic usage from drawing shapes to adding colors and textures (33 minutes approximately)

User Guide provided by SketchUp:

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September 13, 2014 at 8:39 pm

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