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Due this week: Final edits to 2 websites + 2 mounted 11×17 prints.

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Final edits to 2 websites + 2 mounted 11×17 prints.

Deadline: end of week (Thurs 4/10 or Fri 4/11).

This coming weekend, Jonathan and I will be reviewing / grading your work on the 2 websites:
Learning from Buildings Failures website
Failure Mechanisms website

Additionally, in preparation for the Student Show on Friday April 25, you will need to prepare an 11×17 MOUNTED PRINT
of your entry from each website. See example in class.

Here is your checklist to confirm, for final edits to the websites:



G1. Confirm that you have changed your WordPress Username to your First Last.

G2.  Confirm that all hyperlinks go to where you intended them to go.

G3.  Confirm that all images or video imbeds are THUMBNAIL SIZE.  Put main images at the TOP of the entry, in THUMBNAIL SIZE, linked to the full size photo that you uploaded.
(similar to AEWorldMap).  Use 2 SPACES in-between images please.

G4.  Please put your references for the photos in this format, and link the numbers to the source where you found the images:
[1, 2, 3]
Note use of rectangular brackets.

Learning from Building Failures website:

L1. Put the YEAR in front of the title of your Building Failure project  ( 2003: Chicago Balcony Collapse ).

L2.  For any projects from 1990 and later:  Please find the names of:
Architecture Firm:
Structural Engineering Firm:
Construction Firm:

Failure Mechanisms website:

FM1.  See Jonathan Vaage for a new ‘Published On’ date, to put your entry in alphabetical order…


(here’s a printable pdf of the checklist)


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April 7, 2014 at 4:51 pm

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