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Final Deadline, Hi-Rise Book (drawing package)

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Deadline / Grading

all materials due:
MWF Mon Apr 7, 12:00 noon.
TTH Tue Ap 8, 12:30p.

Each student’s individual grade for this project will be determined in the following manner:
Step one:
A group project grade will be determined for the project by the instructor and TA, by comparing all projects from both MWF and TTh sections.

Step two:
Students will evaluate each other in their group using the system.  This will determine a multiplier.  Ex: 1.0 multiplier.

Step three:
Individual student grades for the project = (individuals multiplier) x (instructor-determined-project-grade).

Any project that does not have a complete Arch+Str+MEP set printed and ready at the deadline will have it’s instructor-determined project grade down-graded one-full grade immediately.

Coordination, Completion, Clarity, Creativity are equal considerations for instructor-determined grades.

Hi-Rise Book

Your group needs to turn in one book, with 3 parts:
– Architecture package
– Structural package
– MEP package.

All 2d plans must be oriented the same direction in your group book.

Architecture package:
Needs to communicate in 2d and/or 3d a preliminary design for the architectural aspects of your group hi-rise project.

Minimum required:
1. View A, View B
2. Plan information for all unique levels, in diagrammatic form (outline all main spaces, label all spaces). Ground Floor plan is especially important / informative.
3. At least one building section thu entire site/building from Whole Foods to Shoal Creek (with labels).

Site Development:
Minimum expectations:  show how people will get to the elevated platform of your building.
Ground Floor must be min. 24″ above highest grade contour on the site.
Curb-cuts and driveways for Parking Entry+Exit, Freight Yard.

Please do NOT show any doors.  Entry(s) are best shown with an arrow / small triangle.

Structural package:
Needs to communicate in 2d and/or 3d a preliminary design for the structural aspects of your group hi-rise project.
– Gravity
– Lateral
Please note slab thicknesses, column sizes, beam depths.  Clearly identify lateral stability elements.

Mechanical package:
Needs to communicate in 2d and/or 3d a preliminary design for the mechanical aspects of your group hi-rise project.

Minimum expectations:
Highlight and identify all MEP spaces allocated in the building.
No mechanical units need to be shown, but a diagrammatic duct layout needs to be shown for one residential floor and one office floor (minimum req.)
You must identify vertical chases independently of a mech. room.  Ex: the OAU room is one rectangle, the OAU-vertical-chase is another rectangle.

Enery / Sustainability (optional):
Energy / Sustainability is typically part of the MEP package.
A paragraph about any sustainable issues that your group has incorporated into the design is only needed if this has been an ongoing priority for the group.
Please do not write notes such as “PV panels on roof” – without drawing the layout.
If large elements such as PV panels are not drawn/shown in the model graphically, they don’t count.

General Comments:

All main spaces and MEP elements in plan must be labeled (small text please).
Room lists/legends are not recommended (takes too long to reference back/forth).

Exercise Visual Communication skills learned at beginning of semester.
Think about how to best communicate the design visually – feel free to innovate.
Consider a presentation package completely in plan-oblique, or a combination of plan diagrams and plan oblique images.

3d images are always powerful for any Arch / Str / MEP topics, and will be especially useful in your portfolio / resume.


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