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High-rise project: calendar and example 3D diagram

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General Project Calendar:

Week 1: (Mar 17-21) Main design decisions and preliminary solutions at end of week to all minor design issues.

Week 2: (Mar 24-28) Design development in Revit for A/S/M

Week 3: (Mar 31 – Apr 4) Production of final A/S/M 2d + 3d drawing sets and renderings.

Deadline: all materials due beginning of class Mon Apr 7, Tue Apr 8.

05 nama exploded axo [Converted]


For all A/S/M sets, basic 2D drawings are expected, simplified versions of last semester.

3D diagrams for all projects:
All teams/individuals are to develop INDIVIDUAL* (per person/discipline) 3D diagrams for:
– Architectural
– Structural

* In other words, the Structural team member will develop the 2D structural set + 3D structural diagrams that explain structural design features of the project….

See example above for example 3D diagram. Note clarity of communication, level of abstraction and use of text to clarify issues quickly to new observer.

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March 4, 2014 at 11:44 pm

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