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Checklist for Revit Book

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See this pdf for a SIMILAR sample of where we are aiming >
This is actually a Des2 project… don’t flip out.

Click to access final_project_guy_bergel.pdf


Revit Book for Des 1:
11″ x 17″ (Landscape Format) 20 pages

– Cover image (perspective rendering)
– Index (position Index to read on RIGHT hand 1/2 of 11×17 page)
– Site Plan (minimum: provide a scan of your pencil drawing showing parking layout, setback lines, etc.)
Arch Set (3D x 2 + plans + 1 building section)
– View A (plan oblique view, typical)
– View B ( ” – from opposite corner)
– First Floor Plan
– Second Floor Plan
– Roof Plan
– Building Section
Structural Set (3D x 3 + plans)
– View A
– View B
– Underside (Caution: provide b/w hidden line drawing for this image only, to make underside visible)
– First Floor Structural Plan
– Second Floor Structural Plan
– Roof Structural Plan
Mechanical Set (3D x 2 + plans)
– View A
– View B
– First Floor Mechanical Plan
– Second Floor Mechanical Plan
– Roof Mechanical Plan

DEADLINE: Sunday Dec 8, 12:00noon
Arch/Str/Mech Revit book
Origami model on base (with chipboard hardscape and people)

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December 2, 2013 at 8:41 pm

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