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Exploring Design Theory – 1 page essay

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Below are slides/notes from today’s lectures on:
– Design Theory in Architecture [pdf]
– Survey of movements in Art / Architecture [pdf]
TheoryThumb ArtThumb

In order to apply what you have learned today, I will expect one extra page of text at the end of your presentation for Monday / Tuesday.
DEVELOP YOUR ESSAY ON THE LAST PAGE of the PowerPoint file that you are developing.

The end result should be a SINGLE PDF, including:
1.  Design approach of the firm you were assigned*
2.  Case study 1
3.  Case study 2
4.  One-page essay in your words*

*The difference between these two sections (#1 and #4):
(1.) Design approach section of your lecture should be strictly references that you found.
NOTE:  (new request)
If the firms founder(s) are authors, please give us a list of their books.
If the firms worked for anyone famous to start out, before they founded their office, please tell us.

(2.) One-page essay should be your own words (no references required).
If you need images to express your ideas, please put those on a 2nd page, following your essay.
Please think about which of the art movements seem to have something to do with the work of your firm, and why.
Also think about which of the theory or philosophy movements seem to relate to the work and why.

-copy the text box on the right side of the typical slide and put that on the left, so that your essay consists of two columns on text, one page.

…as promised, here is the reading list for those of you interested in new technologies and complex geometry: [link]


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September 13, 2013 at 7:08 pm

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