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CHECKLIST for History of Innovation entries

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Hi all,
as promised in class, I will not grade the ‘History of Innovation’ entries until Monday morning.

That gives you a few days to review your entries for the following grading criteria:

1.  Clicking on any image, will open the image as originally inserted into WordPress.  Usually this is bigger than the thumbnail (I hope much bigger).   It is okay if this is EITHER in a new tab, or in the same tab – if done correctly: you can click on any image, go see it bigger, hit the ‘Back’ arrow, and return immediately to the post you were looking at.  Be sure that every image has a source listed IN THE LINE IMMEDIATELY BELOW your string of images.  Numbers are best [1, 2, 3].  

2.  Any links that you have highlighted as ‘Image sources’ or articles, etc…MUST lead you to A NEW TAB.  That way, you can view the link, then close that tab and return immediately to the post you were looking at.

3.  Images must be LARGE or MEDIUM, as found in Google Image Search or from another website (see image below – notice that Large is highlighted in RED when you have selected it.  THE BIGGER THE BETTER (as long as the images tell the story well).  If you did not do this for your original images, please re-search for better images.  Capture our attention and teach us with your choice of images.

4.  That covers images, and links.  Lastly:  written text:
Please re-read, or have someone else proof-read your entry text.  It should be concise.  It should be as technical as you can make it, and it should discuss:
a.  What led to the development of the innovation. (short)
b.  What is important about the innovation to the building industry.  (main part of text)
c.  What this innovation led to in the future. (short)
It is always good to investigate and cite at least 3 sources.  Wikipedia is great, but it’s so easy to Google your topic and find other info.
CAUTION:  PLAGERISM will result in NO credit for that entry, and I will need to speak to you personally about this.

Please look for good videos – you might find a gem!

Remember that buildings should be listed like an AEWorldMap entry, with name of engineer, name of construction firm, etc.

5.  Check that the date that the entry shows it was Published on: is the date of the innovation (1856, etc.).

That’s it – Check those 5 points for each of your History of Innovation entries.
If you want to bring your AEWorldMap entries up a notch, please do so (not required).  – In the future, the list above will be the new standard for all entries on any class blogs.


Written by Gregory Brooks

October 11, 2012 at 1:55 am

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