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REVISED Quiz Schedules: AEWorldMap, History of Innovation

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There will be 2 separate quizzes coming up, to cover the research we have done in the last few weeks.  The first quiz will be from AEWorldMap website.  The second will be from the new History of Innovation website.  These 2 quizzes will be given one week apart.  Together, the 2 quizzes are worth 5% of your total grade for the course.

Part 1 –  Contemporary buildings, engineers, architects from AEWorldMap.
T,Th section:  Tues Oct 16, 12:30pm
MWF section:  Wed Oct 17, 12:00noon

Study priorities (in order of importance):
1.  Name of Building
2.  Location
3.  Name of Architect
4.  Name of Engineer
5.  AE Interests
6.  Year

Part 2 – History of Innovation
MWF section:  Mon Oct 22, 12:00noon (THRU 1930) + Wed Oct 24, 12:00noon (1946 – PRESENT).
T,Th section:  Tues Oct 23, 12:30pm (THRU 1930) + Thurs Oct 25, 12:30pm (1946 – PRESENT).

LIST OF BUILDINGS FOR History of Innovation QUIZ
Study priorities (in order of importance):
1.  Name of the innovation.
2.  Year.
3.  Name of person or company that introduced this innovation.
4.  Details (story).

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October 11, 2012 at 9:06 pm

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